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All About Co=Creation Café

Co=Creation Cafe [2008-2010] was a monthly recorded call designed to energize, uplift, and inspire you! And listeners are invited to return to the Co=Creation Cafe Blog to continue the conversation!

Originally a co=creation between Melissa Jean Quiter and Nancy Barry-Jansson, our intention was to combine the spirit of you, your fellow co-creators and your hosts in an exploration of energy, emotion and inspiration.

Melissa and Nancy co-hosted the call from July 2008 through August 2009. Nancy Barry-Jansson took over as sole host starting September 2009 through August 2010, inviting wonderful guests to participate each month in a lively and uplifting conversations. To contact Nancy, visit her site.

The last call for Co=Creation Cafe was recorded for August 2o1o ~ the 3oth recording in the series.

Grab our favorite refreshment and settle into our most comfortable chairs to experience the opportunity of delving deeper into the world of creating a life worth living —a life filled with hope, possibility and excitement.

These calls explore different topics, a new perspective and/or a cutting-edge tool. You have the opportunity to share, learn and take part in the deliberate creation of your own life. Application of new ideas is how deliberate creation works!

You can access the recorded calls in MP3 format to be listened to at your own leisure. To listen on your computer, you’ll need the most current
Adobe Flash Player [click here to download].

Visit our Co=Creation Café blog to send your comments or submit questions after the call. If you have lots of questions, we may schedule a follow-up call to address your questions directly.

“With each thought that is shared,
the fields of our minds are sown
to grow the food that feeds
our souls for eternity.”
~Melissa Jean Quiter

Thank you for co=creating this conversation!

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