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July 2010 | Intuition and Law of Attraction

July 3, 2010

Fresh On the Menu!
Intuition and Law of Attraction:
Connecting with Your Voice of Inspiration

featuring special guest
Harmony Harrison, Intuition Coach

Intuition is a skill we all can cultivate, but many people still don’t really know what it is or how to access it. Have you ever wondered what the connection is between your intuition and Law of Attraction? How do you know when action is inspired or just fear-based busywork? How do you know when you create an inner environment that nurtures a deep connection to your inner guidance? You’ve come to the right place, because we’ll answer all of these questions in today’s call.

Our guest, Harmony Harrison, uses her intuition to help people who are changing the world, especially conscious entrepreneurs who transform the lives of the people they serve. She’s an intuition specialist who’s honed her own intuition through 20 years of study, practice, trial and error, lots of error, and finally much success. Now, she teaches intuitive skills and provides intuitive readings and coaching to people who are passionate about what they’re contributing in the world.

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Links mentioned in the call: [Harmony can now be found at]


Your Co=Creation Cafe Host,

Nancy Barry-Jansson

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